Who we are

Pexmar is a Spanish company dedicated to the commercialization of Seafood with added value, fruits and vegetables with the best quality, destined for the European and Asian markets. We have the purpose of connecting producers with the final market, in order to create shared value and reduce intermediation, where those related in the process can obtain better benefits and sustainability over time.

Pexmar emerges to give the solution that producers in Latin America need and the matching high quality demanded by the final market. Our role is to work hand in hand with the producer so that they can be motivated to accompany the offer and produce the quantity and quality required by the market, making it clear that in order for that connection to create synergy, everyone involved must manage quality as a standard and price as a reward.

Why we do it

Because we know about production and we know the need the producer has to sell all of their production at a reasonable price. Thus we generate and help develop that good and simple strategy to position their product, guaranteeing payment security and product placement in niche markets. We understand this because we are also producers just like you, at the origin. We are also aware that we have a saturated market of proposals, and strategic alliances with good partners will empower them and we will all become strong to be able to sell what the consumer needs, thereby achieving sustainability, fighting for this cause fairly in every way. Do you want to join?

Our company purpose

To succeed we need to have the highest standards of behavior to our employees, customers, suppliers that interact in the value chain without forgetting the care of the environment that surrounds us.


Our values establish the way we do business and interact with our collaborators, partners, clients and strategic allies. Our six core values are passion, equity, integrity, responsibility, respect and proactivity. As the market grows we integrate according to the needs required in every way.

With whom we want to work

We want to work with customers, suppliers, strategic allies and business partners that have similar values to ours and with a high degree of empathy, to innovate the way of doing business, this means innovating and investing to grow and balance interests aligned short and long term maintaining the same standards ours. We want to define and develop a good distribution chain to be able to provide the solutions that the producer needs, clarifying that for all this to happen we must take care and defend the principles of commercial integrity, including specific responsibilities related to employees, consumers and the environment.